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Sure, you've seen other love calculators out there, but have you seen a love/hate calculator combination?  Wondering why love calculators are telling you you're a perfect match, and all you two lovebirds wanna do is tear each other apart?  Well you have to try our love, hate, and combine the two together, to see if you two, got the makings for a love/hate relationship.  All you do is enter the two names in the two boxes and then click on the button.

Name of first person Name of second person
Name of first person Name of second person

For love you add all the l's, o's, v's, e's, and s's in the two names, and assign a value for the count of each.  So let's say the two names are John Doe and Jane Doe.  There are 0 l's, 3 o's, 0 v's, 2 e's, and 0 s's, in the two names.  So we get the number 03030.  You add all adjacent numbers till you get a number between 0 and 100.  So in this case 0 and 3 make 3, 3 and 0 make 3, 0 and 3 make 3, and 3 and 0 make 3.  So we get 3333.  The next times we add, we get 666, 1212, 333, 66.  So the love percentage is 66%.

The same rule works for the hate calculator.  Only in this case you add all the h's, a's, t's, e's, and s's.  Using the above example, we get the following numbers.  01030, 1133, 246, 610, 71.  So the hate percentage is 71%.

And you thought looking up source code would get you nothing.  You little hacker, you.

Here are some fun ones for you:

First Person Second Person Love(%) Hate(%)
Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck 96 74
Michael Jackson young boys 29 87
Nicolas Cage Priscilla Presley 25 69
Nicolas Cage Elvis Presley 29 97
Missy Elliott Big Macs 67 25
Nas Jay Z 1 63
George Bush Osama bin Laden 25 89
George Bush Saddam Hussein 27 15
Germans French 27 68
United States of America France 51 0
Dipesh Maharjan Bindesh shrestha 75 0


Provided by Kthnepal